concept van het event !

There are 6 dancers

• Every dancer chooses 1 song of their own 

• The crowd chooses which 2 dancers will be dancing against each other 

• 2 rounds per battle, each round 1 song from the dancers (the DJ will have all their songs ready to play)

• Every round there will be a concept picked from the box 

• The concepts in the box are written by strangers throughout Nijmegen

• Every exchange/battle round has 6 minutes (3 min per dancer), this way the dancer can fully own his/her performance and build it up from intro till outro 

• The exchange/battle rounds will last for +- 20 minutes 

• In total there will be 3 exchange/battles 

• After every exchange/battle there will be a 15 minutes break where there is room to JAM with one another on the music played by the DJ 

• The host will carry the battle by letting the audience be a part of the battle through letting them choose which dancers they want to see dancing against one another. Also the host will grab the concept out of the box and read it in front of the dancers and the audience. The dancer that will start is the one who’s song got picked first (song pick through rock paper scissors) 

• No judges, just an audience and the magic that happens on the dance floor