Official ZUMO store

ZUMO is an innovative fashion brand for men. The brand is sophisticated and tough, with the allure and glamour of the international catwalk. At ZUMO progressive fits, attractive fabrics and subtle details come together with a surprisingly affordable price.

In the ZUMO dimension you will feel at home. Good music, attractive gadgets and a great staff. An atmosphere as you would expect in a trendy bar or cosy club. This is also translated in our stock: sturdy, but also elegant and sexy men’s clothes, making use of innovative fabrics we create styles with a strong emphasis on fitting resulting in items with the same allure and glamour as shown on the international catwalk.

The story behind ZUMO:

In the late 90’s the upcoming EDM nightlife demanded more extravagant, fashionable en fitted clothing for man, which was hard to find at the established brands and boutiques. One of our founders decided to fill that gap, and our concept was born.

Many of his friends (mostly active in the fashion industry) visited vintage shops in Paris and London to buy tight shirts and trousers. With that knowledge he started the concept.

70’s vintage items were carefully picked, washed, adapted and branded. At first all items were sold to friends but shortly the market grew.

The decision to open up stores where the build fanbase could buy their favorite outfit was quickly made and in september 1997 the first store was there!

During that time it got harder to find the right vintage items. In order to sustain the extravagant fittings of the vintage items in our collection, we started to dismantle the best ones and reproduce them at small Italian suppliers.

One of the labels we used for that purpose -ZUMO®- became our fanclubs favorite and soon the biggest part of our collection was branded with this name.

Today our ZUMO® label has been successfully developed to a complete line of fashion products,  15 ZUMO® stores, online platform and wholesale department.

Our style is street chic; sophisticated, but with a tough and edgy twist.

Cool by day smashing by night!